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Getting Started

Welcome to AdaCAD. This resources on this page will give you an overview of the interface and a few tips on how to get started drafting.There are three primary ways...

Making Woven Electrodes

This video shares more information on how we generated drafts to test the effectiveness of different structures for weaving dry electrodes, based on the research by Katya Arquilla. In Katya's...

Quickly Create 2-Pic Structures

2 pic structures create really interesting visual and tactile textures. When you throw resistive yarns at each pic, many of them make good resistive force sensors as well. This video...

How to Weave a Press Button

This video will walk you through how to start your very first draft with AdaCAD. It also shows you how AdaCAD generates you a random draft to start based on...

Drafting a Force Sensor

This video walks viewers through the process of integrating conductive materials to a waffle weave in order to make a soft force sensitive resistor. This is the technique that was...


Color Changing Pressable Fabric

Weave with Regions of Press Sensing and Color Change Designed and Woven by Laura Devendorf Electronics and PCB Designed by Chad Di Lauro

Multi-Component Weave

Designed By: Shanel Wu; Warps: 230; Shuttles: 6

Sensor Headband

The draft for this file uses four systems: two base systems for elastics and support structures, and two for integrated electronics.

Hidden Chevrons

Hidden Chevrons Designed By: Shanel Wu; Warps: 230; Shuttles: 3